Essential Oil Diffuser Whole House Humidifier 3-Piece Set

White wood
Dark wood
Light wood
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These stunningly designed purifiers with their wood grain feature not only provide excellent functionality but will also look amazing in your home. We know that you want highly effective humidifiers, which will also give you all the benefits of essential oil diffusers and this set meets those requirements and more.

Having three humidifiers provides you with so much flexibility to use different oils in different rooms in your home without the need to empty and clean the humidifier when you feel like a change. Perhaps you'll have lavender in the bedroom to help ease away the days stress and encourage a good night's sleep. Then, lime in the kitchen to energize you and get you ready for the day ahead with rosemary in the third oil diffuser to take into the office, the perfect choice to help you to focus and concentrate on the day's tasks.

If you have children, you may find that there are real benefits from placing one of the humidifiers in their bedroom. Adding moisture to the air can result in your baby being able to sleep much more comfortably while also relieving irritated, dry skin. If you're searching for the best humidifier for baby health, then this set should be at the top of your list.

These really are the ultimate in multi-tasking, not only do they operate as cool mist humidifiers and essential oil diffusers, but they can also be used as vases when they're not plugged in.

Personalized Settings for Your Diffusers

You'll be able to set up each of these cool mist humidifiers to run in the perfect way to meet your needs. With a remote control included, it's quick and easy to change the settings.

There are four settings to enable you to control how long the humidifier is operational:

  1. Continuous flow
  2. One hour timer
  3. Three-hour timer
  4. Six-hour timer

We know that everyone also has their own preference for the volume of mist which is dispersed, and so with these humidifiers, you can choose whether you'd like a strong or a medium mist dispersal.

Then you can pick the style of light which emanates from your humidifier. Select your favorite to match your mood and environment, choose from:

  • White Light
  • One of the following seven colors
  1. Green
  2. Sky blue
  3. Red
  4. Royal blue
  5. Orange
  6. Purple
  7. Yellow
  • Or cycle through each of the seven colors

When using essential oils, you only need to add one or two drops to the water tank to enable the fragrance and benefits to be distributed within the mist.

Accessories Included

Each set of three humidifiers comes with a range of accessories. USB connectors also accompany a universal power cord. This means that you will have much greater flexibility in where you'll be using the humidifier, no more searching for extra plug points or extension cables.

Also included is a measuring cup making it easy to add the correct amount of water to the tank of the diffuser. You'll also find an instruction manual that we highly recommend viewing before using the diffusers for the first time and then finally the remote control.


Humidification Method: Mist Discharge
Humidifying Capacity: ≤380ml/h
Water-shortage Power-off Protection: Yes
Function: Aromatherapy
Type: Ultrasonic Humidifier
Humidity Control: Touch Control
Timing Function: Yes
Certification: CB
Certification: ce
Certification: GS
Certification: RoHS
Certification: UL
Operation Method: Remote Control