Aromatherapy Humidifier Scented Oils Set


Essential Oil Set
With the inclusion of twelve different oils, this Essential Oil Set provides the perfect introduction to the benefits of an aromatherapy diffuser. Having a ready stock of cheap essential oils also allows you to experiment with both single oils and combinations, allowing you to find both the organic aromas and the natural benefits that you've been searching for.

Set Contents
Each fragrance is provided in a 3ml bottle, and we include one bottle of each of the following twelve oil types:

Known for its soothing and sensual abilities, rose essential oil is perfect for balancing your emotions and mood during times of stress. It's thought that rose oil may stimulate the brain to release good endorphins.

Lavender is well known for its ability to promote relaxation. Lavender combines particularly well with the mood-improving abilities of sandalwood oil.

This essential oil is drawn from the petals of the lily flower. Its sweet aroma can have an uplifting effect helping to create a sense of happiness and security.

The essential oil mix provides you with a fresh and invigorating scent. Used in your aromatherapy diffuser, it emanates the perfect 'pick me up' leaving you feeling energized for the day ahead.

Derived from the white flowers of the tropical jasmine plant, this oil has a sweet scent that has been used for many years in the production of luxury perfumes. As an essential oil, it's reported that jasmine has a stimulating and activating effect, which can improve mood and encourage positive thoughts.

Inhaling the aroma of sandalwood oil is thought to transmit messages to parts of the brain involved in controlling emotions to encourage a calm state of mind. At the same time,sandalwood also enhances mental alertness, providing you with the perfect environment for clear thinking and decision making.

With its decongestant and expectorant properties, the violet essential oil is a perfect choice for use within your aromatherapy diffuser. Many have found that this oil can clear congestion and so encourages an unobstructed airflow. 

Snow Lotus
Another sweet-smelling oil, the fragrance of the Snow Lotus, encourages deep breathing resulting in a relaxing influence and feeling of tranquility.

The uplifting scent of lemon essential oil has been found to have a positive effect on alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression. Its ability to fight exhaustion is often mentioned along with decreasing levels of nausea, making it a perfect option for sufferers of morning sickness.

This fragranced oil is perfect for use in home diffusers. Reminiscent of summer days, it can bring a wonderful mood boost when it's cold and wet outside.

Sweet Scented Osmanthus
Many people find that the aroma of osmanthus has an incredibly soothing effect. In turn, it then reduces stress and calms muscles and nerves. The perfect solution to a hard day's work.

Green Tea
With its antiseptic qualities, tea tree essential oil can boost your immunity while also fighting infections. Used in your diffuser, it can also eliminate airborne bacteria.